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The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, through the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, supports efforts that address the health, education and social needs of Oregonians, primarily in underserved communities. We invest in the achievements of our youth and assist with removing obstacles preventing those successes. By promoting equity and diversity, we embody our belief that all Oregonians can flourish together when we understand our shared and unique history. We honor and promote tribal sovereignty and culture by aiding in their restoration, preservation and protection now through seven generations.


The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, through the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, continues the Native tradition of potlatch, a ceremony at which good fortune is distributed. Through our grant awards, we promote sustainability, inclusion and the advancement of underserved communities, including Oregon Tribes. Our primary focus is to improve the quality of life for all people living in Northwest Oregon through effective philanthropic investments that are consistent with the Tribe’s culture and values.

Grants we offer

General Purpose Grants

As a responsive funder, we support a wide range of nonprofit organizations and projects through a competitive grant program. We offer two general purpose grant programs, Small Grants and Large Grants.

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Oregon Tribal Grants

This annual grant program is open to all nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon.

Oregon Tribal Grants

Acres of Hope Youth Ranch

AOH serves youth 12-19, all of which have experienced trauma of some kind. During the 2022-23 school year, we served 80 youth with 55 on our waitlist. Thanks to generous donations and support from our community partners all of our programs are offered at no cost to the youth or their families.

AOH’s effective model is based on the work of Rebecca Britt, BSW, ESMHL author of Stable Moments: Life Skills for Healthy Transitions to Adulthood. Through this model, AOH teaches youth how to communicate with their horse through body language, energy and pressure. This helps them develop trust and confidence, creating a greater capacity for empathy, social, and self-awareness. As AOH youth become more comfortable with both their horse and mentor, their ability to heal also increases. This ultimately leads to a greater willingness to apply themselves at school, home and in the community dramatically improves.

For youth that have suffered from trauma, a trusting relationship can be a foreign concept. When this happens, a horse can be a fantastic start for building a trust-based relationship. The ultimate goal of our work is for youth to have a safe place to heal and then transition their newfound skills from connecting with a horse to connecting with other humans therefore succeeding at school, at home, and in life. Acres Of Hope is a place where youth can feel safe by meeting with a consistent mentor who they trust, and form an unconditional bond with their horse.

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