How much funding will SMCF provide for my proposal?

What if my organization doesn't have audited financial statements?

My organization is too small to have a Balance sheet or Profit and Loss sheet. Do I have to provide them?

Does SMCF allow Fiscal Sponsors?

Are applicants allowed to call or email with questions?

Online Issues

Will I be able to save my application and come back to it?

How can I tell if my LOI or application submission has gone through?

I took the eligibility quiz and received an ineligible message. I believe this is an error. What do I do?

Will my information be kept private?

Is the website secure?

What about those templates?

Can I just submit my application by mail?

Application Review

May I apply for more than one grant at a time? What about a small and a large application?

If our organization is large or nation-wide, but we only have one tax-id number, can we submit multiple applications?

I was recently declined at either the LOI or application stage. When can I reapply?

Am I able to get feedback as to why my proposal was declined?