Frequently Asked Questions


How much funding will SMCF provide for my proposal?

We will not fund more than 50% of the project budget. Small grants have a maximum request limit of $7,500. Large grants have a $50,000 limit for program requests and a $100,000 limit for capital requests.


What if my organization doesn’t have audited financial statements?

We require audited financials only if you have them. If your organization is large and well established, we may question a lack of audited financials.

Does SMCF allow Fiscal Sponsors?



My organization is too small to have a Balance sheet or Profit and Loss sheet. Do I have to provide them?

Yes. If you organization doesn't appear to have financial management capabilities, it will not likely be funded.


Are applicants allowed to call or email with questions?

YES! We encourage you to contact us.

Online Issues

Will I be able to save my application and come back to it?

YES, be sure that you do. Unsaved work will not be retrievable.


How can I tell if my submission has gone through?

You will receive a confirmation email.


I am unable to get through the eligibility quiz, even though I changed an answer. What do I do?

You will need to contact the Grants Coordinator, Jim Holmes to have your quiz reset.


Will My information be kept private?



Is the website secure?



What about those templates?

Please do not alter the general formats of our templates. We can accept them as .PDF, MS Word, or MS Excel documents only. We are unable to accept Apple applications, or free MS product documents.


Can I just submit my application by mail?

No, only online submittals are accepted.



Application Review

May I apply for more than one grant at a time? What about a small and a large application?



If our organization is large or nation-wide, but we only have one tax-id number, can we submit multiple applications?

No, we will only review or fund one project per organization at a time.


I was recently declined at either the LOI or application stage. When can I reapply?

There is NO waiting period for projects declined at the Letter of Inquiry stage.
There is a 12 month waiting period for projects declined at the Application stage.


Am I able to get feedback as to why my proposal was declined?

No, at the Letter of Inquiry stage.

Yes, at the application stage we may be able to give some feedback.