Priority Funding

Priority Funding Areas

The Board of Trustees has established 8 Priority Funding areas. Although projects from all of our program areas are funded, these priority areas receive special attention. Staff will designate P8 status to applications upon review.


  1. Healthy Mothers, Healthy Children
    We believe that by supporting programs that focus on women’s health needs, pre and post natal care, and the early health, domestic violence, and child abuse or neglect, we may have positive impact on the health of our children over the course of their lives.
  2. Overcoming Obesity
    We support programs that promote healthy diets, fit lifestyles and are characterized as preventative verses reactive. Projects that fit this category will focus on healthy lifestyle changes and support. This is not targeted to simply support sports teams or facilities.
  3. Oral Health
    Research continues to reveal the intrinsic role that oral health plays in overall physical and mental health and development of persons of all ages.


  1. Ready for School
    We support programs that improve early childhood learning and development to empower each child’s learning to their full potential.
  2. Reading Success
    One of the most foundational requirements of a successful education is reading proficiency. Too many children who do not accomplish reading proficiency in the early grades are left behind and are hampered in the rest of their leaning. We support programs that create and support young successful readers.
  3. Effective Education for All
    We desire that all children, including those who experience challenges to their learning success, have the support they need to reach their best academic abilities. Children who struggle in school and those considered at risk need and deserve additional support. We believe that programs that build on the school experience are often necessary to help these children. Valued programs include after school programs, tutoring, summer school and year-round education programs.


  1. River Health
    Our rivers are the life blood of our lands and the home of the salmon and skaqual (lamprey). It is our responsibility to help our rivers heal and restore the fish that have always fed the people. We support projects that protect and restore our rivers and the ecosystems that they support.
    • Water Quality - The water quality of our rivers must be able to support a recovering and one day thriving fish population.
    • River Habitat Conservation and Restoration - We support programs that will restore and protect a living, moving and healing aquatic system.
    • Fish Restoration - We support efforts to restore healthy, wild fish populations.
    • Reducing Toxic Pollution - We support projects that reduce toxic pollution in our environment and reduce or prevent the delivery of toxic chemicals to our waters.
  2. Environmental Justice
    Persons of color and the economically disadvantaged are more likely to live in polluted neighborhoods and bear the harmful impacts of environmental degradation. SMCF supports projects that promote the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. We also believe that the voices and experiences of those who bear the burden of environmental damage must inform how our environment is maintained, managed, and regulated.