Writing Your Application

Before You Get Started

Once your Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is approved, you will receive an invitation to submit a full application. The application is submitted through the same online system as your LOI. Please read the instructions below before beginning your application and check our calendar for upcoming application deadlines

  • Allow up to 4 hours to complete your application.
  • Save your work often. If you exit the system without saving your work, it will not be retrievable. You will receive an email confirming your work has been saved.
  • We strongly urge you to submit your application 2-3 days prior to the deadline. We use a third party server and cannot guarantee server availability at any time. This also allows us time to review your application and request any corrections that need to be made.
  • Your invitation to submit a full application extends through 2 grant cycles. If you are unable to submit for the most immediate deadline, you may submit for the next deadline.
  • Be prepared for a site visit.You may be contacted by staff to schedule a site visit to learn more about your agency and proposal. A site visit is not indicative of funding.


Please do not alter the general formats of our templates. We can accept them as PDF, MS Word, or MS Excel documents only. We occasionally update our templates; be sure to download the most current versions.

How to Apply

Step 1: Log in to online system

Log in to the online application system. Your application coversheet will be an available form. It should be populated with information from your LOI. Be sure all the fields are filled.

Step 2: Download templates

Download and complete the most current Application Templates. We recommend creating a desktop folder for all related documents and templates.

Step 3: Compile documents

Compile additional documents. A list of required documents is below. You will be asked to upload these files at the end of your application.

Step 4: Upload, review, submit

Upload, review and submit application. The online system will walk you through uploading all documents and information. A confirmation email will be sent upon submittal. Be sure the email is confirming submittal and not just saving.


Required Templates

Important Notes

  • We routinely update our templates, please download the most current version.
  • Please submit the templates in the original format or .pdf. Other formats will not open in our system, resulting in delay.
  • Please do not alter or reformat the templates.

Additional Documents

During the application process we will ask you for the following documents. Please have these documents ready before applying:

  1. Executive Director Resume
  2. Board Chairperson's Resume
  3. Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position (no older than 2 months, in GAAP format)
  4. Income/Expense Sheet-also called a Profit & Loss, or Statement of Activity (no older than 2 months, in GAAP format)
  5. Current Financial Audit or OMB Circular A-133 if available. If you do not have either of these, attach a page stating this. We are aware that many smaller organizations won't have these documents.
  6. IRS Form 990 or Confirmation Postcard-most current tax year
  7. Current Annual Report if available
  8. Estimate or quote (if capital request)
  9. Letter of Agreement or MOU (if partnership or collaboration)


Ready to Get Started?

Start Your Application

Once you're LOI has been approved, you may get started. You will use the same email and password you used to set up your LOI.



You have 2 grant cycles to complete your application. check in advance on deadlines to submit.

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