**COVID-19 Update for grantees**

Spirit Mountain Community Fund response to COVID-19:


The SMCF Board of Trustees and staff are very concerned about the health, well-being and safety of our community partners and neighbors & in light of current events we’re implementing the following best practices to aid our non-profit partners:


  1. Social distancing: We encourage and support social distancing to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19. Staff and Board members continue to work remotely and stay abreast of partner needs and will continue with our Grantmaking schedule with more time for grantees to prepare.
  2. Final Reports: We are deferring all Final Reports automatically for 90 days. If you are a grantee with an open-grant with SMCF, you do not need to seek permission for requesting an extension to your Final Report; however, if you have completed your project and are ready to submit your Final Report, we have provided a condensed template on our webpage.
  3. Existing Projects: We understand many project timelines have been suspended at this time and thus an automatic 90 day extension to grant periods is being extended; you do not need to seek pre-authorization for this purpose.
  4. Reallocating funds: If you need to reallocate programmatic funds into general operating support due to COVID-19 please email info@thecommunityfund.com for immediate assistance.


We appreciate all you do, stay safe. Hayu Masi.

~ The Spirit Mountain Community Fund Team